In 1922, New Port Richey citizens planned a celebration to attract people to the thriving young city to raise money for the community library. Gerben DeVries, the city’s first postmaster, was given the task of preparing something new to serve as the program.  Inspired by his interest in Florida Native American tribes and the enchanting beauty of the river flowing through the city, he combined the two to create a fictional pageant.  The pageant gave the celebration its theme and the beautiful Pithlachascotee River loaned its name to the central characters, King Pithla and Queen Chasco.

The Chasco Fiesta was born and now, 101 years later, continues its legacy of giving. No longer a fundraiser for a local library, Chasco Fiesta is a 501(C)4 organization, and in 2019 benefited 20 not-for-profit organizations in the local community and surrounding areas. The mission of the Chasco Fiesta Steering Committee is to plan and implement quality events, so that these groups have an opportunity to raise funds.

The Chasco Fiesta offers 9 full days of activities and 9 nights of music appreciation. The Chasco Fiesta offers Christian, Blues, Bluegrass, Oldies, Country, Rock and Roll Tribute concerts and more at Sims Park.

The Chasco Fiesta activities also include a premier street parade (3rd largest in the state) and the second longest running boat parade.  We also have a car & truck show, softball tournament, bowling tournament, golf tournament, 5k run, Hunger Walk, Coronation Ball, Junior Queen and King and of course a carnival!  With all that activity going on making you hungry, you’ll find food in plentiful quantities and unlimited varieties offered by both for-profit and non-profit vendors.  So come on out and enjoy the festivities From March 24, 2023 to April 1, 2023.

The driving forces behind  Chasco Fiesta are the Sponsors and the 700+ volunteers who help make the various events happen.  The Chasco FiestaSteering Committee has 12 Volunteers who work throughout the year planning and organizing the event.

The Chasco Fiesta Steering Committee:

Chairperson – Cami Austin
Treasurer – Peter Altman
Secretary – Angel Cook
Volunteers – Tina O’Daniels
Logistics – Al Renedo
Security – Mark Ewald

Vice Chairperson – Chuck Grey
Sponsorships – Kurt Conover
Entertainment – Gary Gann
Beverage/Hospitality – Debra Golinski
Hospitality – Arlene Brock
JR King and Queen – Frank Grey